RFC: purging old perl-5.005_03 from base

David Rhodus sdrhodus at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 08:11:39 PDT 2004

On Tue, 03 Aug 2004 04:26:07 +0200, Erik P. Skaalerud <erik at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Enemy God wrote:
> > Are a bunch of old games really needed in the base system ?
> "Needed" would be a strong word. Ever seen a BSD break because of tiny
> games in base? Even windows ships their server systems with the ability
> to install games.
> Erik

We are not going to be removing the games right now. They are doing no
harm. I have had several people at various schools play the games when
I hand out CDROM's which leads them to install DFly and keep trying
out more and more things. Also the games ports which lays in the fbsd
ports-tree does not build by default, it requires fixing compile

We will most likely remove the games directory at sometime but not
right now, no one needs run around removing code and *WORKING* code at

If you guys need something to do, write some code, rewrite some of the
GNU programs that are in the source tree like bc(1).

                                            Steven David Rhodus
                                            <sdrhodus at xxxxxxxxx>

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