Douwe Kiela virtus at
Wed Aug 25 18:56:59 PDT 2004

I have been advised to send all my patches in one seperate e-mail, so here
it is for today..
* Convert strcpy and strcat to their secure equivalents where necessary
(from OpenBSD)
* Replace index with strchr (index is non-standard)
* Replace rindex with strrchr (rindex is non-standard)
* Replace mktemp with safer mkstemp (removes compiler warning)
* Rename log into dolog to avoid collision with math.h's log (from NetBSD)
* Remove 'register' keyword
* Some minor fixes that I happened to notice
* Fix the typo "heirarchy" into the correct "hierarchy" everywhere in the
source where needed (no contrib/ except for the ld(1) manual)
* Remove unneeded (void) usage
* Remove 'register' keyword

And an old patch that hasn't been committed yet:
* Right now rmdir doesn't work correctly with the -p option, this fixes it
because it doesn't error out at the first failure but sees if it has empty
subdirs first, so it can recursively remove all dirs

That's all for now... I hope anyone has time to commit this, they're all
pretty trivial changes.


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