binary nvidia driver kld patch and help needed

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at
Mon Oct 13 02:00:55 PDT 2003

Jeremy Messenger wrote:

>> Success! I managed to get my GeForce 4 MX to wok with the binary nvidia
>> drivers and the patch attached to this post. So far it works stable-ish,
>> X works, and the xscreensaver opengl hacks have been running all night
>> without crashes.
> It will be nice if it is add in the dfports's x11/nvidia-driver. However,
> have you tried to test with Linux OpenGL yet? and TuxRacer too?

No, I haven't tested Linux OpenGL yet, but it should work. The linux support
is basically just one ioctl which I "translated" properly. But, to be sure
I'll try to dig up that Quake 3 CD and try to run it in linux emulation
tonight. Hey, I'm not slacking, I'm just testing Linux OpenGL! ;)

Native OpenGL apps work a treat (and after another night of running
xscreensaver GL hacks it still didn't crash). Tuxracer should just work
fine. Also video playback with the xvideo acceleration works.

Yes, a dfport for the x11/nvidia-driver port would be nice :) I'll try to
make one if I get some free time from my paying job.


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