binary nvidia driver kld patch and help needed

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Oct 11 12:20:11 PDT 2003

:Emiel Kollof wrote:
:> Hi,
:> I spent a rainy afternoon trying to get the binary nvidia drivers to work
:> on DragonFly. Of course, the thing wouldn't compile out of the box, so I
:> tried hacking it so it would compile and hopefully work. It doesn't work
:> _yet_, but at least the damn thing loads and detects my nvidia card. X
:> can't do diddly squat with it though, which might be my bad.
:Success! I managed to get my GeForce 4 MX to wok with the binary nvidia
:drivers and the patch attached to this post. So far it works stable-ish, X
:works, and the xscreensaver opengl hacks have been running all night
:without crashes.
:So please, test this if you have a nvidia GeForce type card and please
:report success to me.
:I also saw that the drm stuff from current was already included in
:dragonfly. Silly me :)

    I don't have a GeForce card I can test with right away, but something 
    is better then nothing.  Is there a FreeBSD port that this is based off
    of that we can modify or do we need to build a new dragonfly port?


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