src/include __P() removal

Craig Dooley cd5697 at
Thu Nov 13 09:30:19 PST 2003

I didnt check the FreeBSD 4 cvs, but 5.x uses binutils 2.13 and they no
longer have a separate gnu/usr.bin/as and gnu/usr.bin/binutils/as. I
dont know if the first needs to be kept for a.out but the last changelog
for that version is March 1992.  It looks like it hasnt been patched
since it's been brought in to 5.x.  This would affect a couple other
pieces also though, right? I can think of libiberty, and possibly gdb,
but it might have farther implications than that.  


On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 11:36:09AM -0500, David Rhodus wrote:
> On Nov 13, 2003, at 11:20 AM, Craig Dooley wrote:
> >Sorry about the libipsec and libc_r problems yesterday, but this 
> >removes
> >all __P() from src/include.  I dont understand why the bug was 
> >triggered
> >in gnu/usr.bin/as before, but the patch also fixes it.  Is there
> >interest in bringing binutils 2.14 into the tree?  I dont think theres
> >much that has been updated besides removal of gasp and some source code
> >re-org
> Does a new binutils prevent us from having to manually patch the gnu as 
> ?
> -DR

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