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Tue Nov 25 17:04:05 PST 2003



Apply (1) to the tree, build GENERIC kernel with at least:

  options PFIL_HOOKS
  options bpf
  otptions RANDOM_IP_ID    #this is a great default, btw ;)

install includes (or copy sys/net/pfil.h to /usr/net/pfil.h).
Extract (2) and issue:
  make && make install

now you should be able to:

  kldload pfsync
  kldload pflog
  kldload pf
  mknod pf c 73 0 root:wheel

and have fun with pfctl and friends.

This is a test only, I did it to learn what is missing and should be
addressed. As it turned out to be that easy, why not post it for
people who'd like to give it a whirl.

Best regards,
 Max                          mailto:max at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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