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Eirik Nygaard eirikn at
Sat Nov 1 05:26:47 PST 2003

I have modified the script that was made for FreeBSD so a link to each of
the modified filen in a commit mail will be added to the bottom of the
mail. Just in case someone else would like it I have attached it to this

Eirik Nygaard
eirikn at xxxxxxxxxxxx
* ^To: commits at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
* ^Subject: cvs commit:
		while (<>) {
			if (/^\s+[\d\.]+\s+\+\d+\s+\-\d+\s+(.*)\s+\((dead|new)\)/) {
				$l .= "http\:\/\/www\.dragonflybsd\.org\/cgi\-bin\/cvsweb\.cgi\/$1\n";
			} elsif (/^\s+([\d\.]+)\.(\d+)\s+\+\d+\s+\-\d+\s+(.*)/) {
				$l .= "http\:\/\/www\.dragonflybsd\.org\/cgi\-bin\/cvsweb\.cgi\/$3\.diff" .
				      "\?\&r1\=$1\." . "\&r2\=$1\.$2\&f\=h\n";
		print "$l\n" if ($l);
	:0 bf
		| perl -Te "${PERLSCRIPT}"
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