UEFI boot?

Lundberg, Johannes johannes at brilliantservice.co.jp
Tue Feb 2 17:36:20 PST 2016


I was really excited to find out that dfly supports new Intel graphics but
kind of bummed out when it doesn't even boot on my target system (Cherry
Trail, UEFI only).

I've tried all combination of Grub, Refind and dfly installer usb memstick
but no luck. (I don't mind using Grub if it works...)

According to someone in a forum (no link, sorry), an UEFI can not boot
dfly, not even with Grub unless the UEFI comes with legacy boot emulation,
which mine does not.

According to FreeBSD UEFI wiki, they had to remove BIOS dependent code from
the kernel in order to support UEFI booting.

Is UEFI booting in dfly's roadmap?
Are we talking about huge rewrite of the kernel or just a quick fix?
What can I do to help? (no boot loader programming experience..)

Best regards
(yohanesu7 on IRC)

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