memory alloc/free issue

bycn82 bycn82 at
Mon Dec 8 23:43:38 PST 2014


*Yesterday,I was checking the memory "alloc/free" for ipfw2 basic module,
because I know that the memory is not controlling well, and I dont
understand the meaning of below two line.Dec  9 08:30:23 dfly kernel: ipfw2
module basic unloaded malloc_uninit: 96 bytes of 'IP_FW2_BASIC' still
allocated on cpu 4Dec  9 08:30:23 dfly kernel:Dec  9 08:30:23 dfly kernel:
IP firewall unloaded malloc_uninit: -96 bytes of 'IP_FW2_BASIC' still
allocated on cpu 4*

*size 96, so it is the dyn_rule, and I noticed that the kfree for dyn_rule
was exists and it was triggered. but the message still there.*

*another thing is I met below. it is inside the kmalloc ?*

*Bill Yuan*
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