Want to learn about DF kernel

elekktretterr at exemail.com.au elekktretterr at exemail.com.au
Wed Sep 21 04:29:42 PDT 2011

> Have a look at what Alexander Polakov has started:
> http://gitweb.dragonflybsd.org/~polachok/dragonfly.git/shortlog/refs/heads/usb2
> That already has, seemingly, all the old stuff ripped out and some of
> the new stuff in place, but not really fully ported.

Yes I'm. aware of this. I wanted to rip it out my self to familiarize
myself with where stuff is and what files are important. ie. step-by-step.
Rip something out, recompile, fix, rip some more out, recompile again etc.


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