about virtio driver porting from FreeBSD

Pratyush Kshirsagar pratyush.kshirsagar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 06:05:16 PDT 2011

Tim created a block driver that is separate from this implementation. We
 needed the virtio.c for N/W driver support and later we would have 
tried to clean all the things. I think if you load the block driver module only then it should work. We were mostly trying to get evevery thing up and then do the cleaning work. I hope Tim would better explain this if you still have some doubts.
- Pratyush.2011/3/30 Stéphanie Ouillon <stephanie at minet.net>

    Le 29/03/11 23:06, Pratyush Kshirsagar a écrit :
    I think its good but still wait for some replies, I
      just had a fast go.
      Also, according my knowledge Tim completed the block driver and
      had some testing results also.
    When looking at the code, I had the impression that some functions
    where wrote twice (once in blk.c and once in virtio.c). Was it on
    purpose ?
      - Pratyush Kshirsagar.
        2011/3/29 Stéphanie Ouillon <
          I put online my proposal: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/stephanie_ouillon/1#

          I would be glad to read your comments about it :)
          Le 23/03/11 02:34, Justin C. Sherrill a écrit :
                On Tue, March 22, 2011 2:53 pm, StĂŠphanie Ouillon
                  thank you for your answer, I'm writing my application
                  with the
                  information provided in some other mail sent by Justin
                  Then will I have to send it on this mailing list in
                  advance ?
                You can wait until March 28th when student application
                time opens with
                Google, and fill it out at the Google site.  It'll be
                the same set of
                questions there.

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