A question on gsoc2011 schedule and how the mentoring works.

Alex Hornung ahornung at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 23:14:40 PDT 2011

On 29/03/11 07:02, Nohhyun Park wrote:
>  Even with a very tight schedule, 10 weeks seem pretty tight. From the
> gsoc2011 calendar there seems to be 14 weeks available?
>  I was just wondering if we can plan for the 14 weeks instead of 10.

Well, you essentially got from May 23 to August 22 for the bulk of your
work, not sure how many weeks that is. That said, you can also do some
of the work before that (between April 25 and May 23) although that
doesn't officially count as summer of code work (i.e. in order to get
paid you also need to do some serious amount of work in the core period

If you can't finish the project even then (with the added weeks before
May 23), then you should at least be able to reach something usable that
is on good track to finishing it. Then, if you want, you can finish your
work outside the gsoc period.

>  Another question is how does the mentoring work? Is this done mainly
> through this mailing list or is there a more 1-on-1 type meetings with
> the mentors?

The actual mentoring is 1 on 1, via whatever medium your mentor and you
agree upon. But you can also get plenty of support from other people in
the IRC channel and the mailing lists if it happens that your mentor is
currently unavailable or can't help you with your questions for whatever
reason. IRC is a nice way to get quick answers to most common issues,
and the good thing about it is that there's always someone around. For
the more technically complicated issues you can refer to the mailing lists.

Hope that helps,

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