A question on gsoc2011 schedule and how the mentoring works.

Nohhyun Park parkx408 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 23:06:32 PDT 2011

 I am a student hoping to work on the "Implement ARC algorithm
extension for the vnode free list" project.
 I was just writing up the proposal and saw there were 10 weeks milestones?

 Even with a very tight schedule, 10 weeks seem pretty tight. From the
gsoc2011 calendar there seems to be 14 weeks available?
 I was just wondering if we can plan for the 14 weeks instead of 10.
(Maybe I am mistaken about the duration.)

 Another question is how does the mentoring work? Is this done mainly
through this mailing list or is there a more 1-on-1 type meetings with
the mentors?
 Thank you.


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