Signal 11 and the amd64 port

Francois Tigeot ftigeot at
Mon Sep 21 09:23:45 PDT 2009

I just installed a new DragonFly/amd64 system on a blank disk. Most of the
basic applications (base system, non-graphic packages) work fine.

While building applications from pkgsrc, I noticed many crashes of make(1)
with signal 11s. Nevertheless, I was able to install most of the programs I

Things took a turn for the worse when I tried to run X11. None of the window
managers I tested could run. They all crashed with signal 11s.
The only application I was able to run under X is xterm. All others I could
test crashed immediately after launch.

I don't believe the new amd64 port should be so unstable. My test machine is
a Core 2 Duo system and runs DragonFly/i386 perfectly fine.

What can I do to find out what's wrong with X11 applications ?

Francois Tigeot

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