Wishlist for unfrozen base

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sat Jul 4 05:18:30 PDT 2009

Simon 'corecode' Schubert schrieb:
* gcc 4.x update. gcc 4.1.2 we use at the moment is too buggy - to the 
  point where some projects ignore bugreports at all if gcc-4.1.x is in 
  use (ffmpeg for example). We should decide what path to choose at all 
  with it though. There is several issues with newer gcc's - there is a 
  license issue (newer ones at some point use GPLv3) and gcc 4.3 and up 
  have a more dependencies (do we want all these in the base?).
I don't think we need to care about GPLv3 in the toolchain.  I ported 
gcc-4.4 in pkgsrc wip, so if that compiles base well (not sure if Sascha 
did a whole world/kernel run with it), we could import gcc-4.4.
Yes I did. There were some linking errors for LINT if I remember 
correctly, but that was it. Never tried running anything, of course. :)



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