SoC 2009 - start thinking

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Sat Jan 10 01:35:49 PST 2009

Am 09.01.2009 04:36, schrieb Justin C. Sherrill:
> Google is holding another Summer of Code for 2009.  DragonFly will apply
> (probably via me again if that doesn't bother anyone) again.
> There's slightly less organizational slots for 2009 - 150 vs. 175 for
> 2008.  So, it will be harder to get in, but we had good success with
> getting projects and paperwork done on time for 2008, so I'm optimistic
> DragonFly will be involved again.
> One of the complaints that people (mostly other projects) had for 
2008 was
> that there wasn't enough selection and planning time.  If you can be
> involved, please start planning now.  If you can mentor, please start
> thinking about projects you'd like to see.  If you will be a qualified
> student, please start thinking about projects you'd like to do.  Either
> way, make sure you will be able to make the time commitment this summer.

Some ideas:

  * "Port" PUFFS / FUSE (Filesystems in Userspace)
  * Port tmpfs
  * Finish AMD64 port
  * Improve hardware-support (interrupt routing for example)
  * devfs


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