SoC 2009 - start thinking

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Jan 8 19:40:44 PST 2009

Google is holding another Summer of Code for 2009.  DragonFly will apply
(probably via me again if that doesn't bother anyone) again.

There's slightly less organizational slots for 2009 - 150 vs. 175 for
2008.  So, it will be harder to get in, but we had good success with
getting projects and paperwork done on time for 2008, so I'm optimistic
DragonFly will be involved again.

One of the complaints that people (mostly other projects) had for 2008 was
that there wasn't enough selection and planning time.  If you can be
involved, please start planning now.  If you can mentor, please start
thinking about projects you'd like to see.  If you will be a qualified
student, please start thinking about projects you'd like to do.  Either
way, make sure you will be able to make the time commitment this summer.

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