Proportional share scheduler

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 3 10:28:11 PDT 2008

:Well, migration could be partly implemented using process checkpointing.
:I guess what is missing in DragonFly's process checkpointing is
:remembering the state of the associated files/sockets. Thinking about
:it, in the case of a vkernel, this should be no big deal. Anyone ever
:tried to checkpoint a running vkernel?
:That would be pretty cool to just checkpoint a running vkernel and
:reload it on any other machine (with a somewhat similar configuration).
:But I'm really missing a use case for myself right now ;-)
:   Michael

    It is possible to do this.  The vkernel only has a few open file
    descriptors... its raw disks and network interface and that's pretty
    much it.  The only other things that would need to be dealt with are
    the cpu and I/O threads and the special virtual page table memory
    mappings.  Both are easy to reconstruct.

    For the real kernel we have the beginnings of a universal identifier
    (that's what all the sysref stuff is), and ultimately the idea is to
    allow resources to be migrated piecemeal while the processes are
    still running.

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