Proportional share scheduler

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Thu Jul 3 06:29:55 PDT 2008

Robert Luciani wrote:
   I would appreciate if anyone has suggestion regarding the cli for this scheduler. Thanks
   Looking forward to any replies.
I liked the example you gave with the ability to define a percent of the CPU to be used.
If the scheduler can reliably distribute that amount, it would be killer together with vkernels.
Its very very nice in a VM (vkernel) to be able to set up hard network/memory/cpu/disk quotas.
Now all we need is live migration and hot fail-over ;)
Well, migration could be partly implemented using process checkpointing.
I guess what is missing in DragonFly's process checkpointing is
remembering the state of the associated files/sockets. Thinking about
it, in the case of a vkernel, this should be no big deal. Anyone ever
tried to checkpoint a running vkernel?
That would be pretty cool to just checkpoint a running vkernel and
reload it on any other machine (with a somewhat similar configuration).
But I'm really missing a use case for myself right now ;-)


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