HAMMER update 06-Feb-2008

Aggelos Economopoulos aoiko at cc.ece.ntua.gr
Thu Feb 7 12:12:25 PST 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008, Erik Wikström wrote:
> On 2008-02-07 06:18, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> > :As long as I'm asking HAMMER-related questions... This may be obvious from the 
> > :code but I haven't looked at it yet. Will it be possible to disable the 
> > :historical access feature and still have the possibility to take a snapshot 
> > :(of the filesystem or a directory tree) at some point in time?
> > :
> > :Thanks,
> > :Aggelos
> > 
> >     Hmm.  I think the answer is no, historical access must be turned on
> >     (especially now with the FIFO mechanic).  There's no random bitmap free
> >     any more so 'nohistory' won't work anyway in the initial release.
> I might be wrong (and have misunderstood your reply) but I think he
> asked whether it would be possible to disallow a user to access the
> historical data (even if it is present on the disk). [...]

No. That would be, as you say, trivial :)


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