new SMP laptop (Core 2 Duo / 2.20Ghz ) ... kernel panics can't find MP table

Chris Turner c.turner at
Fri Oct 26 16:12:59 PDT 2007

Andrew Atrens wrote:
> The title says it all.
> I've done my best to scan around memory to find the table signature - _MP_
> but I'm beginning to think that the table doesn't exist.
> Linux takes the novel approach of booting in UP mode, and then later switching to MP using
> info gleaned from ACPI MADT.
> --Andrew

Have you tried a kernel with / without APIC_IO ?

(also booting with / without ACPI)

It seems that some of the new multicore bios's don't do this correctly -
my Acer F1000 (athlon64 x2) would work if SMP and not APIC_IO but not
with both..

There was some discussion about this a while back somewhere..

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