progress report -> nata + APIC = no disks found

Bill Hacker wbh at
Fri Oct 26 14:38:36 PDT 2007

Andrew Atrens wrote:

My laptop now boots multi-processor!  .. that said I'm not out of the woods yet .. using the mpu
defaults scheme seems to mean that I need to get APIC to work with nata - this was broken on
my old laptop and appears to be broken here, too.
The new thing that's broken on this laptop is acpi. In UP I need to disable it to get all the
devices working (ichsmb0 and pccb can't map interrupts when acpi was enabled).
So the next thing I'll try to do is backport new acpi support from FreeBSD. Yeesh.  I'm not
convinced this will fix APIC + nata, but it'll keep me busy for a while. ;)
Anyone have some ideas about why APIC + nata might be broken?



Do you really mean 'boot multi-processor'?  Or finish the boot and activate 
multiple processors?

APIC aside, Linux is by no means alone in 'booting in UP'.

FreeBSD 7- and 8- in both i386 and AMD-64 do so as well, 'launching' adiitonal 
cores/CPU only aftr nearly everything else is done.

Real Time OS, 'Super Computing', & MIL-spec / aerospace apps aside, not sure why 
one would want to do otherwise...


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