Dmitry Komissaroff dxi at
Wed Oct 17 02:08:04 PDT 2007

В письме Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:30:01 +0300, Hasso Tepper

> Dmitry Komissaroff wrote:
>> If nobody wants porting Bluetooth stack I can make it. If
>> nobody against... 
> Not at all. It would be VERY welcome. I started some time ago, but don't
> have time to continue at the moment. It's one of things I need to go to
> the DragfonFly on my laptop(s).
> What stack you plan to port the one from FreeBSD or NetBSD?

FreeBSD's stack is easier to port, but here there is one
problem: it is necessary to synchronize all netgraph code. 
I have made it,but with some exceptions, and yet did not check in work.
For today or tomorrow I shall look NetBSD's stack which, I think, it will
be easier to maintain.

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