Hasso Tepper hasso at
Wed Oct 17 00:36:22 PDT 2007

Dmitry Komissaroff wrote:
> If nobody wants porting Bluetooth stack I can make it. If
> nobody against... 

Not at all. It would be VERY welcome. I started some time ago, but don't
have time to continue at the moment. It's one of things I need to go to
the DragfonFly on my laptop(s).

What stack you plan to port the one from FreeBSD or NetBSD?

For info about current situation in the BSD Bluetooth land ... There is
two working stacks at the moment - the netgraph based one in FreeBSD and
the one in NetBSD. OpenBSD is in progress to port the NetBSD stack with
one major exception - NetBSD uses proplib [1] for communication between
kernel and userspace, OpenBSD doesn't.

The problem with FreeBSD stack is that it's not very actively maintained
(just the lack of manpower of course, in fact there seems to be single
person working on it at all) and it doesn't support at all one important
class of bt devices - audio. The author of the FreeBSD stack said in the
past that he's working with un-netgraphing the stack [2], but I haven't
seen any real work available for public. There hasn't been any public
audio work either, but this would be probably problematic anyway at the
moment - the usb stack used in BSD's has known problems with isochronous

So, my choice was obviously the NetBSD stack (I'm using bt headset with
VOIP application sometimes), but as I said, haven't time to finish this.
I know, audio part would be still hard to port etc, but I at least it's

It doesn't mean that I wouldn't welcome porting the stack from FreeBSD.
My cellphone and mouse are waiting as well ;).


Hasso Tepper

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