HAMMER update - 15 nov 2007

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Thu Nov 15 16:57:01 PST 2007

    HAMMER work is still progressing well, I hope to have most of it
    working in a degenerate single-cluster (64MB filesystem) case by the
    end of next week.  (cluster == 64MB block of the disk, not cluster as
    in clustering).

    Gluing the per-cluster B-Tree's together for the multi-cluster case
    is turning out to be more of a headache and will probably take at
    least 2 weeks to get working.  Some fairly sophisticated heuristics
    will be needed to avoid unnecessary copying between clusters.

    I may decide to move the 2.0 release to mid-January to give myself some
    more time.  This is similar to what we did for 1.8.  Also, I think a
    January release is better then a Christmas release because people get
    busy with christmas-like things.  I want the filesystem to be at least
    beta quality as of the release and I don't think its possible to get it
    there by mid-December.


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