Netgraph update (was: Re: Bluetooth ( link to more or less working port of new netgraph))

Nuno Antunes nuno.antunes at
Thu Nov 15 12:13:53 PST 2007


Based on Andrew Atrens previous work, I'm trying to bring netgraph up
to date with FreeBSD. The latest patch I have can be downloaded from
[1]. It builds but it's not yet working. I'm posting this message to
ask for guidance as there is a lot to learn.

1) Locking. I have directly replaced all FreeBSD mutexes to
lwkt_serialize locks on DragonFly, and all spl calls to critical
sections. Is this the correct way to do this?

2) I think I'm having trouble with tsleep/wakeup in ng_socket. I'm
testing using a vkernel, the configuration is at [2]. Inside the
vkernel if I test the command 'ngctl list', ngctl will sleep (because
of ng_socket tsleep) and then never wakes up again. A netisr is
scheduled and should eventually wake up ngctl, but this doesn't seem
to happen. I will keep looking, but I just wanted to post this just in
case someone more experienced has a suggestion :-) .



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