AMD64 port

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Jul 15 12:26:40 PDT 2007

:We absolutely need to rename the platform (again!)!  It is simply _not_ pc32, but it is "x86".  The platform can be used for both 64bit x86 and 32bit x86.  Only the cpu part changes.
:And while we're there we should also rename "amd64" to "x86-64" (that's the name which gets used nowadays) and "i386" to "x86-32" (to keep consistency).

    We are not renaming the platforms.  The platform names do not have to
    correspond to any sort of official designation.  That is what the machine
    and machine architecture names are for, and those generally have to
    correspond to GCC architecture specifications.

    There is still a considerable amount of stuff under platform/ that should
    be under cpu/, but even ignoring that the platform source is only 1.8
    megabytes.  It's small enough now that the remaining machine-dependant
    pieces should not represent a large burden for porting efforts.  The
    cpu/i386 directory is only 398K of source.


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