AMD64 port

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Sun Jul 15 03:17:13 PDT 2007

Noah yan wrote:
we assume the amd64 as the TARGET_ARCH, but i found another one,
TARGET_PLATFORM, also need to set as pc64 (a wired name, suggest a
better name). that Makefile also need to set in the platform (pc64)
folder. I thing that is what the building infra is. just double check.
We absolutely need to rename the platform (again!)!  It is simply _not_ pc32, but it is "x86".  The platform can be used for both 64bit x86 and 32bit x86.  Only the cpu part changes.

And while we're there we should also rename "amd64" to "x86-64" (that's the name which gets used nowadays) and "i386" to "x86-32" (to keep consistency).

the header file under /usr/include, the *.h files under
/usr/include/cpu and /usr/include/machine. my understanding is the the
sys/cpu/amd64/include/*.h go to /usr/include/cpu and
sys/platform/pc64/include/*.h go to /usr/include/machine. but seems
other files to to machine folder too
which files are you seeing there as well?

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