Initial filesystem design synopsis.

Oliver Fromme check+jdwybd00rs7h8gre at
Fri Feb 23 03:39:02 PST 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > :high-availability multi-master extra reliable file system
 > :
 > :The "R" can mean replicated or reliable (or robust),
 > :whatever you prefer, and the "E" can mean extra, eminently,
 > :exceedingly or exceptionally.
 > :
 > :Best regards
 > :   Oliver
 >    HAMMER is a good name (though I dont like the expanded acronym).
 >    I like HACFS better then HACRFS.
 >    I like HAMMER better then HACFS but HACFS's expanded acronym is
 >    better.

I guss it's the "E" that you don't like, right?.  Well,
it could mean a lot of other things.  There are plenty
of cool buzzwords starting with e.  ;-)

For example, actually it could mean "exabyte", because
you're going to have 64 bit files, and 2^64 happens to
be sixteen exabyte (1 EB is 2^60 bytes).

Or "high-avilability, multi-master-enabled, replicated
file system".  Simple.

And finally:  If you like that name, does it _have_ to
have a good expansion?  From a marketing and publicity
point of view, the name is everything.  Nobody will
remember the expansion of the acronym anyway.

Best regards

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