DragonFly and Thinpad X61s

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Tue Dec 11 00:12:33 PST 2007

Chris Turner wrote:
> What do you have SMP / APIC_IO set to in your config?

Most of tests are done with SMP kernel without APIC_IO.

> I seem to recall having interrupt storms similar to above trying to
> get SMP cooking on my  (turion X2) laptop - quite a few devices were 
> mapped to irq 10 and I had to play with SMP, APIC_IO, and the 
> CPU_AMD64X2_INTR_SPAM option to get things sorted out (in my case on, 
> off, on)..I understand this is an Intel box, but as has been discussed 
> previously, interrupt routing needs a bit of 'help' so maybe this is 
> another instance of the same kind of problem..

UP kernel doesn't make any difference. SMP/APIC_IO kernel panics 100%
somewhere in USB detecting (haven't debugged it closer yet). I have tried
already all common stuff ;).

> Another thing might be to remove some of the drivers getting mapped to 
> IRQ 10 to see if that helps..

All of them are too useful - agp(4), uhci(4) and cbb(4) ;). I might play
with these, but it will not give me any practical benefit, I'm afraid.

> just some ideas I suppose..

Thanks anyway :).


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