code bounties for DragonFly ?

Csaba Henk csaba.henk at
Thu Jan 26 14:56:36 PST 2006

On 2006-01-26, Justin C. Sherrill <justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Development has been somewhat slow, but I think that's in part because we
> went too long between releases, and some of the more interesting features
> are on hold until the subsystems are done.  (Live CD with a desktop is
> dependent on compressed filesystems and pkgsrc, neither of which is
> complete, for instance.)

Heh... LiveCD. Certainly a livecd with a desktop is flashy and cool, but
I don't think it would add much to the OS's reputation or usability...
Pushing it to the point where Knoppix has already been four or five
years before will make ten or hundred times as many people as many are
now to boot *once* into DragonFly and klick over the start menu, but I
doubt if it would increase the user base...

Let me add my two cents. I personally got finally convinced about the
project's longevity and ability to cope with real life when Matt
announced his plan about embracing ZFS. Now *that* would be a feature...
an open source OS with ZFS which can bee easily played with and deployed,
without fighting the horrible monstrosity which Solaris is. That would
make some waves.


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