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Thomas E. Spanjaard tgen at
Sat Dec 16 09:45:33 PST 2006

Victor Balada Diaz wrote:
Maybe they're not related. In my case even with
hw.ata.ata_dma=0 hangs. Could you do "show all procs" from ddb
and check if you have two inits? check also if one of them
is on nanslp state.
On my case if i delete /sbin/init the system notices, so it's
reading init.
The problem here (NATA) is, I suspect, that pages are not in memory yet 
when programs from nata devices are run. Sometimes by chance they are, 
so things succeed; most of the time they're not. I don't know what the 
problem is, if biodone is called on my bio's too early, or kern_execve 
cheats by executing programs before all pages are loaded, or whatever. 
mmap(2)-ing files that are on nata devices are no problem it seems, only 
when you try to execute a binary on a nata device the problem appears.

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