PATCH preadv/pwritev

Sascha Wildner saw at
Tue Apr 25 14:28:05 PDT 2006

Chuck Tuffli wrote:
I had a need for the iovec versions of pread and pwrite and have a patch 
for people to try. The changes are loosely based on the work done in 
FreeBSD current and have been tested against an enhanced version of 
Iozone. This testing has been on 1.4.x, but there doesn't appear to be a 
big difference between HEAD and the 1.4 slip tag, so I would expect the 
patch to work for HEAD as well.

After applying the patch you will also need to

cd src/sys/kern
make sysent
to update all the auto-magic system call gunk.


could you include patches to the read(2) and write(2) man pages as well?


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