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walt wrote:

> So I just grep through the code for strings like 'FreeBSD' and 'NetBSD'
> and try to figure out how I can teach 'config' to recognize problems
> which are specific for DragonFly.  I'm hoping that Geert has kept a
> record of all the fixes I've emailed him so far.  Most of the fixes
> are truly trivial -- only one took a bit of head-scratching.

In my case (on FreeBSD) the build exploded when compiling the code
for font management. Hence i had the occasion to take a look at it
and see that it is an enormous block of c++ code dealing with all
sorts of details like hinting of fonts. When you see that, you understand
the grandiosity of Java project, they build a whole self consistent
world, but they use the vast richness of c++ syntax, and this
can be hairy! Anyways, i succeeded to tweak the code (i suppose 
font management would have been buggy after that!) and get the thing to
compile to the end. Anyways with patchset 2 i had exactly zero problem.

To come back to Dragonfly, i think one of the big problems of the Java
port to FreeBSD has been the threading library, and i think that
Dfly has more or less the same as Free, the D. Xu library, so it
should work with no big problem, i suppose.

Michel Talon

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