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Michel Talon wrote:

>> -On [20050920 00:11], walt (wa1ter at xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>>> I'll bet asmodai could finish this project in a day or two at most.

> Well, a day or two is very optimistic...

> ...this stuff is rather complicated C++, and i have had hard time even
> understanding the syntax of some problematic code...

Heh.  I don't even try to understand the code.  I've been able to find
and fix half-a-dozen compile problems only because I know that the code
itself is okay.  I know that the compilation problems are due to errors
in the 'config' process, not bugs in the code.

So I just grep through the code for strings like 'FreeBSD' and 'NetBSD'
and try to figure out how I can teach 'config' to recognize problems
which are specific for DragonFly.  I'm hoping that Geert has kept a
record of all the fixes I've emailed him so far.  Most of the fixes
are truly trivial -- only one took a bit of head-scratching.

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