FreeBSD4 compatibility

Yury Tarasievich grog at
Thu Dec 29 00:22:24 PST 2005

On 29 December 2005 00:20, Tomaž Borštnar wrote:
> Yury Tarasievich pravi:
> > In days of freebsd-4 compatibility, I'd say it'd be as easy as taking
> > freebsd-4 port. Now, with all the changes, I don't know.
> Matt, do you see problem maintaining FreeBSD4 compatibility in the future?
> How hard would be to have FreeBSD 5+ compatibility?

Last time I asked same question, there was certain reluctance to the idea. 
FWIW, some lib*.REL1_2 files are still retained in src/lib/compat/i386. 
But, 2-3 months ago, locales other than default still were broken, even in 1.2 

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