nrelease build will need netbsd pkgsrc and bootstrap now

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Dec 4 11:50:39 PST 2005

    The netbsd pkgsrc binaries are going to be included in the release ISO
    so I will be adjusting the nrelease build to require the netbsd pkgsrc
    so it can run the ./bootstrap on the ISO.  I am also going to require
    that pkgsrc be installed on the local box so we can start cutting the
    FreeBSD ports packages installed by the build over to pkgsrc packages.
    That is not going to be critical for the release, however.

    As usual, the nrelease Makefile will do all the appropriate checks
    and give you simple cut-and-paste make commands to fetch and install
    all the pieces you need.

    The commit will be going in a little later today after I finish testing


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