wireless ethernet

Jon Hamilton hamilton at pobox.com
Tue Aug 30 19:23:58 PDT 2005

My base station is on channel 6.  I did try setting the channel on the card too,
with the same result (failed to associate; "no carrier". )

Hiten Pandya <hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, said on Wed Aug 31, 2005 [03:02:42 AM]:
} Isn't the 'channel' supposed to have a decent value instead of -1 ?  Try 
} changing that, it might help.  Check what channel your base station is 
} broadcasting on first.
} 		-Hiten
} Jon Hamilton wrote:
} >I've been trying to get my laptop (HP Pavillion ze4500) working with my 
} >wireless ethernet,
} >and am sure I'm overlooking something obvious.  I have a number of cards 
} >available, all of
} >which seem to behave in a similar fashion: ifconfig seems to see them 
} >fine, reports their
} >MAC address correctly, etc; I can't get any of them to associate with my 
} >base station under
} >DragonFly.  All of the cards do work fine with the same base station under 
} >various other operating systems on various machines.
} >
} >The lowest common denominator among the cards is a DWL-650 which works 
} >with the wi driver
} >(and which I've used on the same network with FreeBSD before, albeit on a 
} >different laptop).
} >The base station is fine; it works with a number of other machines on the 
} >network.  I attempted to reset the base station (a Linksys WAP54G) to its 
} >factory default configuration,
} >and left MAC filtering and WEP off.  Still no luck.  I can ifconfig the 
} >card up:
} >
} ># ifconfig wi0 ssid linksys up
} >
} >and everything appears fine, but the card won't associate.  The access 
} >point log
} >does not show any activity, either.
} >
} >I've attached below a dmesg from ``boot -v'', pciconf -lv, and ifconfig 
} >output.  If anyone
} >can point me in a useful direction, I'd appreciate it.  I've tried to do 
} >what homework I can
} >but am spinning my wheels; probably it's something staring me in the face.
} >
} >Thanks for any suggestions.
} >
} >	ether 00:05:5d:f2:c1:50
} >	media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (DS/2Mbps)
} >	status: no carrier
} >	ssid linksys 1:linksys
} >	stationname "DragonFly WaveLAN/IEEE node"
} >	channel -1 authmode OPEN powersavemode OFF powersavesleep 100
} >	rtsthreshold 2312 protmode CTS
} >	wepmode OFF weptxkey 1


   Jon Hamilton 
   hamilton at xxxxxxxxx

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