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Bill Hacker wbh at
Wed Apr 6 05:22:51 PDT 2005

Peter Schuller wrote:

...Resources that are scarce, hard won, and have other 
demands placed on them.

Absolutely. In reading this I realize that my original post may have taken
on a tone that was not my intent. I never meant to slam pkgsrc or any of
the people whose hard work, as you correctly point out, is behind it.
If it seemes as if I were, I apologize for my poor choice of phrasing.

T'wasn't you in particular - but the 'wish in one hand... ' symptom
was starting to overtake acheivable reality.  'A bridge too far...' fails.
I only intended to highlight what I consider to be one of the biggest
"issues" with pkgsrc at this time. Since a next-gen packaging solution,
if I am not misstaken, is one of the goals of DragonFly, and because the
question about pkgsrc was specifically brought up, I thought I would
comment on the issue.
We all want it.  We will have to walk before we can run.
Incremental progress, even painfully slow progress,
is better than none at all.
And we need cooperation of coders, porters, packagers,
testers, and even ordinary users who give good feedback,
- all of them volunteers, BTW - to make that progress.
Piss-off or lock-out any one of these groups, and the
whole effort suffers.  Stone soup party with no fire.


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