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Wed Apr 6 05:03:08 PDT 2005


> One should be able - to keep ever and utmost in mind that, ports, 
> packages, and original developer
> source tarballs are all the result of *other folk's* hard work, not only 
> unpaid, but at considerable outgoing expense in time, hardware and 
> connectivity costs.  Resources that are scarce, hard won, and have other 
> demands placed on them.

Absolutely. In reading this I realize that my original post may have taken
on a tone that was not my intent. I never meant to slam pkgsrc or any of
the people whose hard work, as you correctly point out, is behind it.

If it seemes as if I were, I apologize for my poor choice of phrasing.

I only intended to highlight what I consider to be one of the biggest
"issues" with pkgsrc at this time. Since a next-gen packaging solution,
if I am not misstaken, is one of the goals of DragonFly, and because the
question about pkgsrc was specifically brought up, I thought I would
comment on the issue.

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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