cvs and new distributions

David Rhodus sdrhodus at
Mon Sep 20 07:12:11 PDT 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:15:22 +0200, Simon 'corecode' Schubert
<corecode at xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 20.09.2004, at 14:09, David Rhodus wrote:
> >>>>> Actually there's no simple way in CVS to add unversioned tree into
> >>>>> a repository other than by using `cvs import'.
> >>>> So the question is, are we going to use cvs import for this again?
> >>> Why not? I don't see any problem in using `cvs import' to actually
> >>> import an external codes to our tree. Or did I miss an earlier
> >>> discussion
> >>> against using `cvs import' at all?
> >> Did I receive any response to this message?
> > There is really no compelling reason to use one over the other(import,
> > add).
> well, import adds directories and files in one go; add needs all
> directories as explicit arguments

Correct, as which ever method the person uses is clearly user preference.

                                            Steven David Rhodus
                                            <drhodus at xxxxxxxxxxx>

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