CLOG support in syslogd

Michel Talon talon at
Sat Oct 30 09:18:41 PDT 2004

Garance A Drosihn wrote:

>>When newsyslog rotates files some programs don't understand the rotation
>>and don't log any more to the log file (i know that amd does that) or
>>continue to log to the "phantom" file (i think apache does that). With
>>a circular buffer for logs you should be screened of such aberrations.
> We're talking about a change to syslogd.  Programs that use syslog()
> should never know or care anything about the files that syslogd uses.
> Programs which do their own logging will not be helped by the change
> to syslogd.  And if somehow they *do* go directly to files used by
> syslogd, then they will be just as confused when syslogd rotates the
> file as they now are when newsyslog rotates the file.

You are right, it was sloppy thinking. The programs in question directly log
to files under /var/log and will not be aware of any circular buffer stuff.
This being said, these programs are troublesome, and circular buffers are

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