CLOG support in syslogd

Jonas Sundström jonas at
Fri Oct 29 16:32:55 PDT 2004

Matthew Dillon <dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     Sigh.  OK, if you guys *REALLY* want CLOG in 
>     syslogd I guess it's ok, but I don't think it's going
>     to help as much as you think it will.

While I don't have years and years of Unix experience,
alternating between a set of sizelimited logfiles does 
seem like a better fit with the overall Unix way of things.

Shouldn't those daemons writing directly to syslog 
be considered flawed and be changed to use the
proper C functions?

BTW, I'm waiting for my very own Soekris, :)
which too will run off compact flash. 

/Jonas Sundström.    

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