CLOG support in syslogd

David Frech lambda at
Thu Oct 28 17:55:23 PDT 2004

Brian Reichert wrote:
: Not that I'd suggest the DFly adopt such, but I've been exploring
: 'socklog' for 'secure' and 'reliable' logging.  You have to buy
: into a different universe...

Or you could enter a _really_ different universe and run Dan Bernstein's
multilog. ( You specify how many
files you want and how big you want each one, and it worries about rotating
them, and marking the latest "incomplete" in case of a system crash, or
"complete" if it was closed properly.

In any case, you simply pipe your syslog data to multilog and it takes care
of everything.

OTOH, the "canonical" way to run multilog - using supervise - is a bit
strange and heterodox, but I've grown to like it.


- David

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