CLOG support in syslogd

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Thu Oct 28 14:32:50 PDT 2004

At 10:35 PM +0200 10/28/04, Michel Talon wrote:
Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:

 -On [20041028 02:52], Scott Ullrich (geekgod at xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
 >> This would allow someone to set the size of a log file and syslogd
 >> would automatically keep the file size from growing larger than
 >> specified.
 > How is this different from the size column in /etc/newsyslog.conf?
When newsyslog rotates files some programs don't understand the rotation
and don't log any more to the log file (i know that amd does that) or
continue to log to the "phantom" file (i think apache does that). With
a circular buffer for logs you should be screened of such aberrations.
We're talking about a change to syslogd.  Programs that use syslog()
should never know or care anything about the files that syslogd uses.
Programs which do their own logging will not be helped by the change
to syslogd.  And if somehow they *do* go directly to files used by
syslogd, then they will be just as confused when syslogd rotates the
file as they now are when newsyslog rotates the file.
Afaik, most programs which do logging have some way to "poke" them
when the logfile changes.  It is just a matter of configuring newsyslog
correctly for those programs.  I don't know about amd, but I do know
that many people use newsyslog to rotate the logfiles from apache.
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