New debug kernel installation mechanism committed to HEAD

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Oct 22 14:29:32 PDT 2004

:Have you ever used dconschat(8) with FireWire(4)?
:It's a nice replacement of serial console and it has some advantage
:over serial console.
:- Fast (400Mbps, theoretically)
:- Support both console and gdb port with only one cable.
:   (serial console usually need two cables.)
:- You can manage several target machines with only one 1394 host controller.
:   (you need to buy multiport or many USB-serial adaptors for serial console.)
:- You can peek target memory with /dev/fwmem like /dev/mem of localhost.
:- dcons(4) in loader(8) is now available for FreeBSD.
:gdb(4) has some example to use them.
:It's very convenient to use /etc/eui64 to specifying a target.
:/\ Hidetoshi Shimokawa
:\/  simokawa at xxxxxxxxxxx

   I've been able to get a remote getty working over dcons, but as yet have
   been unable to get console messages to print on it or to be able to break
   into DDB from it.


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