newtoken02.patch - New Token code patch #2 ready for testing

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at
Wed Feb 25 20:20:24 PST 2004

* Matthew Dillon (dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> :
> :Something _was_ up. Dunno what it was, but when I see it again, I'll get
> :to the bottom of it. Now my world is synced up to the (patched) kernel,
> :and I'm armed with systat/ps/top et al. 

>     It's certainly possible.  I don't have any deadlock detection code
>     in there now but there are no deadlock situations on UP systems, so
>     if there is a performance or latency issue on your UP system it is
>     going to be something really easy to fix.  We just have to track it 
>     down.  If it isn't causing any crashes then maybe the best thing to 
>     do is to commit it and wait for the inevitable screams of agony to
>     begin :-)

It's certainly stable. Right now, buildworld is churning away without
blowing chunks at me at -j5. I'll try a gcc3 world next. Sure commit
this. If more people experienced what I did today, it will be a lot
easier to get lots of information. Besides the obvious "hey, it's
broken" of course. Oh well, bleeding edge. You tend to get cut
sometimes :)


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