newtoken02.patch - New Token code patch #2 ready for testing

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Feb 25 20:10:26 PST 2004

:> Sure, I'll do buildworld with patch first, and then without. This will
:> take a while though. :P
:Gremlins, I tell you. First I could reproduce the slowdowns time and
:time again even with reboots inbetween, and now suddenly they are gone. Of 
:course when trying to get measurements, they went away. Demo effect in 
:effect, but the otherway around.
:Something _was_ up. Dunno what it was, but when I see it again, I'll get
:to the bottom of it. Now my world is synced up to the (patched) kernel,
:and I'm armed with systat/ps/top et al. 

    It's certainly possible.  I don't have any deadlock detection code
    in there now but there are no deadlock situations on UP systems, so
    if there is a performance or latency issue on your UP system it is
    going to be something really easy to fix.  We just have to track it 
    down.  If it isn't causing any crashes then maybe the best thing to 
    do is to commit it and wait for the inevitable screams of agony to
    begin :-)

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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