Source tarballs?

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Fri Feb 20 18:31:41 PST 2004

On 20.02.2004, at 22:55, Peter Kadau wrote:
    Putting them on the CD is also not a good idea (just in case 
    brings that up as an idea).  It bloats the CD, the sources become 
    obsolete almost instantly, and they present a release-management 
    issue as well making it difficult to manage the CD release builds.
Well, how about that ?
Put a full repository in tgz-form somewhere. This takes about 95 megs.
You have a base to get up-to-date easily and are not tempted to 
that all the time.
Maybe one could take an iso with a full repo and gzip that - it will
take about 160 megs approximately since the nrelease-iso takes about
60 megs in gziped form.
And to manage *that* is not difficult.
Managing is not the problem. But I really don't like downloading 
sources with the ISO. Additionally, I was under the impression that 
cvsup didn't really use the sources for the initial sync... but I could 
be wrong there.

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