Kip Macy kmacy at
Sat Oct 11 17:11:25 PDT 2003

> :I'll see if I can't get that working by tonight. There are couple of open
> :questions for non-checkpoint-aware apps. What should the checkpoint be
> :called and where should it be put? Those should probably both be sysctls,
> :but for the moment I think ckpt.<pid> is a reasonable name, and the
> :current working directory is a reasonable place.
>     I'd put it in kern/kern_sig.c, near psignal().  Call it whatever you
>     like, e.g. register_ckpt_vector(funcptr).

Miscommunication, please reread, but I shall re-phrase. What should the
checkpoint file (binary object dumped by ckpt_checkpoint) be called?
Where in the file system should the checkpoint file be written out to?


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